Drones aren't just used for fun and games. They can be used for much bigger and better purposes. We're able to fly higher than a ladder and lower than a helicopter, giving us ability to inspect your property, survey crane routes, all the way up to producing sales videos for your yacht.   


Real Estate

Our imagery helps builders/developers research, analyze, and promote their projects. You can rely on us to deliver consistent imagery from repeatable angles and altitudes at scheduled intervals to help you track and visualize your project. Realtors, first impressions sell! So why not have that unique selling point by showing a potential client your property from the air. Not only do we do still photographs, but we're able to produce short video footage flying around your property.  Click here to see our Real Estate Portfolio


Drones give us the chance to reach places that may be dangerous for your crew of inspectors. The aircraft we use is strapped with a high definition camera that allows for your inspection to be completed efficiently and safely. Just think about how much pipeline can be covered by a drone compared to a man, or how quickly a drone can reach the top of a cell tower.  



Corporate Events

We offer professionally edited video, filmed from both ground and air. Once filmed, we produce a high quality edited video for you to promote your business or event. Even share the video with co-workers who missed out on the special occasion. 

Yacht sales

We will capture never before seen footage of your yacht for sale. Our team will take video of your yacht inside and out enabling us to produce the ultimate sales video to help give your yacht a new owner and the attention it deserves. Only pay us if your yacht sells within 90 days of our production. 



Survey routes

Clear and reliable route survey is a must for successful, low cost, heavy cargo project. We are able to fly our drone at specific altitudes on specific routes and deliver video footage so you can properly assess your route. Companies are charged thousands of dollars to inspect routes for cranes, etc. Our drone will save your team lots of time and labor. 

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